In the spring of 1927, eighteen-year old Ray “Buster” Dunne played in three Metropolitan Basketball League games with the Brooklyn Visitation, one of the most famous pro teams of the era. Four years later, in 1931, Dunne would perform in  his forth game with the Visitation. In the interm, Dunne had appeared in the uniform of  fifteen different Metropolitan area independent teams.  Three years later, in 1934, Dunne would close out the last two games of his pro career with the Brooklyn Visitation. By that time, Dunne  had added an additional eight more professional teams to his career list. Dunne was a talented  player and very popular with Brooklyn fans,but each time he played for the Visiitation, there was a roadblock. The three starting centers during each of his Visitation stints were Bob Grody, Pat Herlihy and Howie Bollerman. All three were in the top echelon of pro centers. Dunne was a good player,  but they were all better. While his major league career was limited to just seventeen games, Dunne usually played  between 75- 100 games a season for many years, During the 1927-28 season , Dunne appeared on a regular basis for eight different teams playing almost every night of the week from December through March.


BUSTER DUNNE Height: 6:01 Weight: 170 College: None
Raymond Wilferd Dunne Born: Jan 12, 1908 Died:Oct 2, 1990 Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Year Team League     GA FGM  FTM   FTA  PCT.  AST  PTS   AVG
1926-27 Brooklyn MBL 3 1 1 3 1.0
1927-28 Brooklyn Pros Indep
1927-28 Brooklyn St.Thomas Aquinas Lyceum Indep
1927-28 Brooklyn Waynes Indep
1927-28 Brooklyn St. Malachy’s Catholic Club Indep
1927-28 Passaic Germans Indep
1927-28 Brooklyn Edison Club Indep
1927-28 Brooklyn Camden Club Indep
1927-28 Yonkers Bearcats Indep
1928-29 Brooklyn Tuths Association Indep
1928-29 Yonkers Caseys Indep
1929-30 Brooklyn Atlantic Caseys Indep
1929-30 Masprth Pros Indep
1929-30 Passaic Germans Indep
1929-30 Hempstead Monitors Indep
1929-30 Long Island Pro-Imps Indep
1930-31 Brooklyn ABL 1 0 0 0 0.0
1930-31 Brooklyn Lithuanians Indep
1930-31 Brooklyn Jewish Fve Indep
1930-31 Maspetrh Pros Indep
1930-31 Yonkers Clintons Big Five Indep
1931-32 Long Ilsand Pro Imps Indep
1931-32 Brooklyn University Five Indep
1931-32 Brooklyn Hillhouse Indep
1931-32 Yonkers Armory Five Indep
1932-33 YonkersBrooklyn MBL 11 12 0 24 2.2
1932-33 Brooklyn Hillhouse Indep
1932-33 Yonkers Caseys Indep
1932-33 Brooklyn Whirlwinds Indep
1932-33 Yonkers Clintons Indep
1932-33 Brooklyn Hillhouse Indep
1933-34 Brooklyn Visitation ABL 2 0 1 1 0.5
Major League Totals 17 13 2 28 1.6
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