Ed Plate captained both the basketball and baseball team at Newtown High School in Queens, New York.  While still in high school, Plate barnstormed on weekends in New England on a team headlined  by George Yerkes, a well-known Queens pro basketball player. It was the beginning of a career that would span 24 seasons. In the rough and tumble day’s of basketball’s center jump and two-handed dribble, Ed Plate was as rugged as they come. At 6:04 and 220 pounds, Plate was an imposing figure in an era where most players where considerably less than six feet tall. Plate was best known for his twelve seasons  with the Long Island Imperials and Pro-Imps.


ED PLATE Height: 6:04 Weight: 220 College: None
Edward Chester Plate Born: Dec 23, 1907 Died:  Oct, 1977 Hometown: Queens, NY
Year Team League     GA  FGM  FTM   FTA  PCT.  AST  PTS   AVG
1924-25 Woodside Whirlwinds Indep
1925-26 Woodside Whirlwinds Indep
1926-27 Astoriia KofC QBL
1927-28 Long Island Pro Triangles Indep
1928-29 Long Island Imperials Indep
1929-30 Long Island Imperials Indep
1929-30 St. Stanisalaus Catholic Club Indep
1930-31 Long Island Pro-Imps Indep
1931-32 Long Island MBL 12 22 7 51 4.3
1932-33 Long Island MBL 15 11 3 25 1.7
1932-33 Long Island Pro-Imps Indep
1933-34 Long Island Pro-Imps Indep
1934-35 Long Island Pro-Imps Indep
1935-26 Long Island Pro-Imps Indep
1936-37 Long Island Pro-Imps Indep
1937-38 Astoria Arrows Indep
1938-39 Longs Island City Bears LIPL
1938-39 Queens James J. Parelli LIPL
1938-39 Queens Our Lady of Lourdes Big Five Indep
1939-40 Long Island Indep
1940-41 Long Island Indep
1941-42 Jackson Heights Blesed Sacrament Indep
1942-43 Long Island Indep
1943-46 U.S. Navy Military Service
1945-46 Long Island Pro-Imps Indep
1946-47 Long Island Pro-Imps Indep
1946-47 Flushing Bayer Bombers
Major League Totals 27 33 10 76 2.8
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