Felix Nicklas was born in Hungary and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He was a multi-sport star at St. John’s Prep in Brooklyn. In 1913, Nicklas entered St.John’s University were he starred on the  varsity basketball and baseball for four years. In January of 1916, during his junior year, Nicklas was suspended  from St.John’s basketball squad because the school learned that he was also playing for the Brooklyn Crescent Athletic Club, one the top amateur sports organizations on the Eastern seaboard. The Crescents played most of their games against Ivy League and New York Metro colleges. but many of their players had formerly played professional basketball and there were wide spread suspicions that the players were being paid to play.  In the  end, Nicklas returned to St.John’s for his senior year and also continued to play on Crescent basketball, baseball and lacrosse teams through the mid-1920’s.  Nicklas was a man who found success in all walks of his life. During his long and very successful business career, Nicklas was an attorney, bank executive, builder and real estate developer.


FELIX NICKLAS Height: 5:06 Weight: 165 College: St.John’s(NY)’16
Felix Paul Nicklas Born: Jan 14, 1895 Died: Nov 8, 1972 Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Year Team League     GA  FGM  FTM   FTA  PCT.  AST  PTS   AVG
1913-14 St,John’s (NY) College 17 46 8 100 5.9
Brooklyn Crescent AC AAU
1914-15 St,John’s (NY) College 14 35 8 78 5.6
1915-16 Brooklyn Crescent AC AAU
1915-16 St,John’s (NY) College 6 20 38 78 13.0
1915-16 Brooklyn Crescent AC AAU
1916-17 St,John’s (NY) College 4 10 1 21 5.3
1916-17 Brooklyn Crescent AC AAU
1917-18 BridgeportNorwalk CBL 2 2 0 4 2.0
1917-18 Brooklyn Crescent AC AAU
1918-29 U.S. Navy Military Service
1918-19 Brooklyn Crescent AC AAU
1919-20 Brooklyn Crescent AC AAU
1920-21 Brooklyn Crescent AC AAU
1921-22 Brooklyn Crescent AC AAU
1922-23 Brooklyn Crescent AC AAU
1923-24 Brooklyn Crescent AC AAU
Major League Totals 2 2 0 4 2.0
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