FRank Worzniak was a baseball and basketball star at  Hamtramack High School in Michigan.  Worzniak attended Ipsilanti Normal  College (now Eastern Michigan University), but left school after two years to play pro basketball and minor league baseball (he played minor league baseball under the name Frank Ware). He  later returned to Ipailanti Normal to finish his education.After service in the Navy during World War II , Worzniak returned to Hamtramck where he coached high school basketball for fiffteen seasons.


FRANK WORZNIAK Height: 5:11 Weight: 160 College: Ipsilanti Normal’33
Francis Melvin Worzniak
Year Team League     GA  FGM  FTM   FTA  PCT.  AST  PTS   AVG
1931-32 Ipsilanti Normal  (Frosh) College
1931-32 Detroit Progressive 100 Indep
1932-33 Ipsilanti Normal College
1932-33 Detroit M.J. Baker Indep
1933-34 Detroit Belmont Printers Indep
1934-35 Dedtroit Hed-Aids Indep
1935-36 DetroitWindsor MBC 5 10 3 23 4.6
1935-36 Detroit Hughy-Dodge Indep
1936-37 Detroit MBC 3 4 3 11 3.7
1937-38 Detroit Gibson Indep
1937-38 Detroit Briggs AAU
1938-39 Ipsilanti Normal College Did Not Play – Student Coach
1939-40 Ipsilanti Normal College Did Not Play – Student Coach
1040-41 Detroit Suffrins Indep
1941-45 U.S. Navy Military Service
Major League Totals 8 14 6 34 4.3
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