Home Stonebraker led Wingate High School to the Indiana state basketball championship in 1913 and 1914. In 1914 semifinal game, he scored all of his teams points. In the championship game, he scored half of his team’s 36 point. Stonebraker was a three-time All American at Wabash College (1916-18). After serving in World War I, he  stared  for the Indianapolis Em-Roes and the Fort Wayne Caseys, the two  dominate pro basketball teams in the Midwest through the mid 1920’s. In an age when centers were seldom an offensive force, Stonebraker was atypical. He was a smooth, athletic figure who was capable of scoring from close to the basket or moving outside to shoot long underhanded set shots. In March of 1922, the Caseys met the famed New York Celtics for the first time. Stonebraker scored 16 points to lead  Fort Wayne to a surprising  21-17 victory over the Celtics. Stonebraker finished his career with three seasons in the American Basketball League.


HOMER STONEBRAKER Height: 6:03 Weight: 195 College: Wabash’18
Homer S. Stonebraker Born: Nov 1, 1895 Died:   Dec 9, 1977 Hometown: Wingate, In.
Year Team League     GA FGM  FTM   FTA  PCT.  AST  PTS   AVG
1914-15 Wabash College
1915-16 Wabash College
1916-17 Wabash College
1917-18 Wabash College
1917-18 Dayton Triangles Indep
1917-18 Indianapolis Em-Roes Indep
1918-19 U.S. Navy Military Service
1918-19 Indianapolis Em-Roes Indep
1919-20 Fort Wayne Caseys Indep.
1919-20 Indianapolis Em-Roes Indep
1920-21 Fort Wayne Caseys Indep.
1920-21 Indianapolis Em-Roes Indep
1921-22 Fort Wayne Caseys Indep.
1922-23 Fort Wayne Caseys Indep.
1923-24 Fort Wayne Caseys Indep.
1923-24 Detroit McCarthys Indep.
1924-25 Fort Wayne Caseys Indep.
1924-25 Detroit McCarthys Indep.
1924-25 Fort Wayne Hooisers Indep.
1925-26 Fort Wayne ABL 28 39 69 147 5.3
1926-27 Fort WayneChicago ABL 25 41 69 151 6.0
1926-27 Beloit Faries Indep
1927-28 Chicago ABL 31 45 25 115 3.7
1927-28 Decatur Morans Indep
1927-28 Springfield Connors Empires Indep.
1928-29 Springfield Connors Empires Indep.
Major League Totals 84 125 163 413 4.9
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