John Murphy was a schoolboy athletic star  in Rochester, New York.  From 1912 until 1919,  Murphy was under contract to Frank Baslow, an early basketball promoter, who annually barnstormed across the country with either the Oswego Indians or Basloe’s Globetrotters. In 1919, Murphy joined the Rochester Centrals, a strong independent team in his hometown. Murphy served as a player, captain and eventually the coach of the team.  Murphy was the manager of the Centrals throughout the 1925–1931 American Basketball league years. He also was coach of the team most of the time and a back-up player the first two seasons. Murphy also  coached the University of Rochester to a 76-57 record during the 1020’s.


JOHN MURPHY Height: 5:09 Weight: 155 College: None
John David Murphy Born: Oct 8, 1891 Died: Sep 13, 1961 Hometown: Rochester, NY
Year Team League     GA FGM  FTM   FTA  PCT.  AST  PTS AVG.
1912-13 Oswego Indians Indep
1913-14 Oswego Indians Indep
1914-15 Oswego Indians Indep
1915-16 Basloe  Globetrotters Indep
1915-16 Fond du Lac Indep
1916-17 Baslowe Globetrotters Indep
1917-18 Did Not Play
1918-19 Did Not Play
1919-20 Mohawk NYSL 5 5 3 13 2.6
1919-20 Rochester Centrals Indep
1920-21 Rochester Centrals Indep
1920-21 Pittsford (NY) Indep
1921-22 Rochester Centrals Indep
1921-22 Rochester Washingtons
1922-23 Rochester Centrals Indep
1923-24 Rochester Centrals Indep
1924-25 Rochester Centrals Indep
1925-26 Rochester ABL 5 0 0 0 0.0
1926-27 Rochester ABL 4 2 2 6 1.5
1927-18 Rochester Olds Indep
1928-29 Rochester Olds Indep
Major League Totals 14 2 5 19 1.4











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