Durng his very brief (7 games) pro basketball career, Lou Rosenfeld, impressed everyone more  with his brawling skills than with his basketball skills. Rosenfeld, who was once the New Jersey state amateur heavyweight boxing champion,  manged to get into a fight in just about every pro game in which he appeared. On one memorable occasion, Rosenfeld became involved in argument with Troy  center  Al Kellett  when Kellett’s teammate, Mac Posnack, steeped  between the two in the role of peacemaker.  At  that very  moment, Rosenfeld  let go with a wild right hand punch that caught Kellett under the eye and rebounded to also hit Posnack in the face , resulting in two black eyes from a single blow.


LOU ROSENFELD Height: 6:01 Weight: 190 College: L.I.U.’39
Louis Rosenfeld Born: Jul 3, 1916 Died:   Jul 26, 2010 Hometown: Union City, NJ
Year Team League     GA FGM  FTM   FTA  PCT.  AST  PTS   AVG
1936-37 Long Island College
1937-38 Long Island College
1938-39 Long Island College
1938-39 Jersey ABL 7 0 3 3 0.4
Major League Totals 7 0 3 3 0.4




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