Michael Rabice was born in Utica, New York to parents that had recently imigtrated from Italy to the United States. His name was later anglicized to Mike In 1907, Roberts. Roberts began his professional basketball career with the Schenectady Continentals. In 1909, Frank Basloe signed Roberts to play for his Herkimer team in the Mohawk Valley League. Roberts was one the first great “running” guards. He handled the lumpy, mishappened basketballs of the era with aplomb and was a accurate shooter who always served as a team’s disignated shooter in an era when one player shot all of a team’s  free throws. Roberts’s combination of  talent and charisma made him one of the most popular early basketball stars. For over a decade,  Roberts joined Basloe’s Globe Trotters  on their annual 80-100 game junkets into the midwest.  n 1921, Roberts signed a lucrative contract as player -coach for a team in Muscantine, Iowa.


MIKE ROBERTS Height: 5:08 Weight: 165 College: None
aka Mike Rabice Born:  Feb 26, 1887 Died:  Jun, 1974 Hometown: Utica, NY
Year Team League     GA FGM  FTM   FTA  PCT.  AST  PTS   AVG
1907-08 Schenectady Continentals Indep
1907-08 Herkimer MVL
1908-09 Utica 18th Separate Co. Indep
1909-10 Utica MVL
1910-11 Herkimer Indep
1911-12 Utica NYSL 7 4 7 15 2.1
1912-13 Oswego Indians Indep
1913-14 Oswego Indians Indep
1913-14 Syracuse NYSL 8 16 9 41 5.1
1914-15 Oswego Indians Indep
1914-15 Utica Celtics Indep
1915-16 Basloe Globetrotters Indep
1915-16 Oswego Giants Indep
1915-16 Utica NYSL 18 24 23 71 3.9
1916-17 Utica NYSL 15 14 15 43 2.9
1916-17 Basloe Globetrotters Indep
1917-18 Frankfort Indians Indep
1917-18 Basloe Globetrotters Indep
1918-19 Basloe Globetrotters Indep
1919-20 UticaMohawk NYSL 7 1 7 9 1.3
1919-20 Basloe Globetrotters Indep
1920-21 Basloe Globetrotters Indep
1921-22 Muscatine (Ia) Indep
1922-23 Basloe Globetrotters Indep
Major League Totals 55 59 61 179 3.3




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