Nick Lalich was born to Serbian immigrants in Lorain, Ohio.  Lalich grew up in Cleveland and attended Ohio University, where he played three years of varsity basketball while obtaining a bachelor’s degree, before  went on to Columbia for his master’s degree. In December of 1941, Lalich joined the U.S Army.  The following year, he was recruited into the OSS, where his knowledge of the Serbian language and culture made him a valuable asset.  Lalich became a key figure in the war in Europe, leading the Halyard Operation. This operation involved going into enemy territory in Yugoslavia and rescue downed Allied pilots. After the war, Lalich briefly played professional basketball with the Youngstown Bears, in the National Basketball League.


NICK LALICH Height: 6:02 Weight: 220 College: Ohio U.’38
Nick A. Lalich Born: May 8, 1916 Died:  May 11, 2001 Hometown: Cleveland, Oh.
Brother of Peter Lalich REGULAR SEASON RECORD
Year Team League     GA  FGM  FTM   FTA  PCT.  AST  PTS AVG
1934-35 Ohio (Frosh) College
1935-36 Ohio College
1936-37 Ohio College
1937-38 Ohio College
1938-39 Cleveland May Co. AAU
1939-40 Cleveland May Co. AAU
1940-41 Cleveland May Co. AAU
1941-42 Cleveland May Co. AAU
1941-45 U.S. Army Military Service
1945-46 Youngstown NBL 4 3 1 7 1.8
Major League Totals 4 3 1 7 1.8


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