Oscar Lang was a gifted Philadelphia youngster who embodied the late-nineteenth century journeyman athlete.  For a five year period, Lang played for pay twelve months a year. The spring was devoted to basketball, the summer to baseball and in the fall he played football.  Some of the teams were amateur and some were professional, but Lang was always on salary.  In the fall of 1895, he played football for the University of Virginia. The following season he starred for the semi-professional All-Philadelphia team. In 1897, he was the starting fullback for Bucknell University. Lang played basketball each season on various Philadelphia teams.  During the 1900-1901 season he played for the Pennsylvania Bycycle Club of the National Basketball League.  Lang was also the head football coach at Susquehanna College in 1900 and 1901.


OSCAR LANG Height: 6:00 Weight: 200 College: Virginia’95 / Bucknell’97
Oscar Lang Jr. Born: JuN 16, 1877 Died: jUL16 16, 1928 Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.
(Star fullback at Virginia’95 and Bucknell’97.) REGULAR SEASON RECORD
Year Team League     GA  FGM  FTM   FTA  PCT.  AST  PTS   AVG
1895-96 Virginia College
1896-97 Philadelphia Elks AAU
1897-98 Bucknell College
1898-99 Philadelphia Elks Indep
1899-00 Conshohocken IBL 25 39 0 78 3.1
1900-01 Pennsylvania Bicycle Club NBL 17 13 0 26 1.5
Major League Totals 17 13 0 26 1.5
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