Sandy Shields was one of the biggest stars in professional basketball’s  formative years.  A strong, handsome  athlete, his graceful style on the court reflected his early training as gymnast. He also earned a reputation as one of the most aggressive players in the early years of the game. Shields was an integral part of the early success of the famed 23rd Street YMCA and the later professional version of the same team, the 23rd Street Wanderers. In 1900, Shields left the Wanders to take a position at the Homestead, Pennsylvania YMCA. He only stayed for one year, but his influence on the development of the game in the Pittsburgh area was substantial. Shields returned to New York and  played with the 23rd Street team  for another half-dozen seasons. In 1907, Shields was hired as player-coach of East Liverpool in the Central Basketball League, but resigned at mid-season after winning only three of twenty-eight games.  The next season, Shields received good notices as a referee in the Hudson River League. Shields was  the father of twenties and thirties tennis star Frank Shields and the great-grandfather of of actress Brooks Shields.


SANDY SHIELDS Height: 5:10 Weight: 180 College: St.Francis(NY)/ Savage School
Alexander John Shields Born: Jul 7, 1879 Died:  May 26, 1947 Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Year Team League     GA FGM  FTM   FTA  PCT.  AST  PTS AVG
1895-96 NY 23 St. YMCA AAU
1896-97 NY 23 St. YMCA AAU
1897-98 New York 23rd St Indep
1898-99 New York 23rd St Indep
1899-00 New York NBL 13 51 25 127 9.8
1900-01 New York 23rd St Indep
1900-01 Homestead Indep
1901-02 Bristol Indep
1901-02 BristolNew York NBL 22 44 33 121 5.5
1902-03 New York NBL 23 131 125 387 16.8
1903-04 New York HRL 3 4 0 8 2.7
1903-04 Springfield WMBL 12 75 0 150 12.5
1904-05 New York 23rd St Indep
1905-06 New York 23rd St Indep
1906-07 New York 23rd St Indep
1907-08 New York 23rd St Indep
1908-09 East Liverpool CBL 14 17 61 95 6.8
Major League Totals 74 328 244 880 10.1
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