Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is a small town (population of 40,000 in the 1930′ and 1940’s)  50 miles north of Milwaukee.  Sheboygan was a hotbed  independent professional basketball throughout the 1920’s  and 1930’s.  Charles “Slim” Lonsdorf played organized basketball in Sheboygan from the mid-1920’s until the mid-1940’s.    Lonsdorf started out playing for the Kohler Company team where he was employed  Lonsdorff  followed up wwith stints on other local teams such as the Bullhorns, the Enzo-Jetsand  the Art Amigs.  In 1938, Sheboygan acquired a franchise  in the National basketball League. Lonsdorf appeared in 17 major league  games for  the Redskins before returning to independent ball.


SLIM LONSDORF Height: 6:03 Weight: 175 College: None
Charles J0seph Lonsdorf Born: Mar 22, 1905 Died: Dec 10, 1987 Hometown: Athens, Wi.
Year Team League     GA  FGM  FTM   FTA  PCT.  AST  PTS   AVG
1926-27 Kohler Recreationists Indep
1927-28 Kohler Recreationists Indep
1928-29 Kohler Recreationists Indep
1929-30 Kohler Recreationists Indep
1930-31 Kohler Recreationists Indep
1931-32 Kohler Recreationists Indep
1932-33 Sheboygan Indep
1933-34 Sheboygan Ballhorns Indep
1934-35 Sheboygan Ballhorns Indep
1935-36 Sheboygan Art Imigs Indep
1936-37 Sheboygan Art Imigs Indep
1937-38 Sheboygan Enzo Jels Indep
1938-39 Sheboygan NBL 17 5 10 20 1.2
1939-40 Sheboygan Kohlers Indep
1940-41 Sheboygan Ballhorns Indep
1941-42 Sheboygan Vince’s Indep
1942-43 Sheboygan Richter’s AAU
1943-44 Sheboygan Richter’s AAU
1944-45 Sheboygan Richter’s AAU
Major League Totals 17 5 10 20 1.2
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