In the 1920’s, the Queens borough of New York City was a hotbed of professional basketball. Stan Povey was not the best pro player in Queens, but he was certainly among the most popular. He was a savy tactician and a fierce competitor.  One newspaper described him as the most rugged warrior in the game. While these attributes explained his popularity to some degree, it was his “every man” quality that endeared him to fans. His nickname was Rolly Poly Povey. His stomach was described as massive. He was five feet eight inches tall  and his weight fluctuated between 185 and 195 pounds. After retiring from professional basketball in 1932, Povey turned his attention to tennis.  He became an accomplished player, who throughout the 1930’s was a fixture in Metropolitan New York area tournaments.


STAN  POVEY Height: 5:08 Weight: 195 College: None
Stanley William Povey Born: Jan 11, 1902 Died:   Aug, 1978 Hometown: QUeens, NY
Year Team League     GA  FGM  FTM   FTA  PCT.  AST  PTS   AVG
1923-24 New York Wanderers Indep
1923-24 College Point Indep
1924-25 Brooklyn Edisons Indep
1924-25 College Point Indep
1925-26 Paterson MBL 20 21 25 67 3.4
1925-26 Brooklyn Edisons Indep
1925-26 Long Island City


1925-26 College Point Indep
1926-27 GreenpointYonkers MBL 6 7 21 35 5.8
1926-27 New York Whirlwinds Indep
1926-27 Long Island City  Pros Indep
1926-27 Brooklyn Edisons Indep
1926-27 New York Good Counsel Indep
1927-28 Hudson MBL 7 4 10 18 2.6
1927-28 Long Island City Pros Indep
1927-28 New York Lou Gehrig All Stars Indep
1928-29 Brooklyn Dodgers Indep
1928-29 Hoboken Saints Indep
1928-29 Long Island Pro- Imps Indep
1929-30 Long Island Pro -Imps Indep
1929-30 Hempstead Monitor Five Indep
1929-30 Maspeth Lithuanians Indep
1930-31 Long Island Pro- Imps Indep
1931-32 Long Island MBL 11 16 2 34 3.1
1932-33 Long Island MBL 5 3 1 7 1.4
1933-34 Long Island Pro- Imps Indep
Major League Totals 49 51 59 161 3.3
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